On 01. May 2016 19:39 butzi wrote at strstr:

@samiu1287: thanks for your hint. I fixed the wrong result.

On 26. Apr 2016 13:58 samiu1287 wrote at strstr:

Seems there is a problem with this page, when the strtsr() function should return false, the result textarea shows only "als". Otherwise, works great.

On 18. Apr 2016 13:34 ki gall wrote at unserialize:

great effort

On 16. Mar 2016 14:45 Will wrote at floor:

Many thanks for this service. My Excel 2003 does not give results for negative values.

On 01. Jan 2016 17:19 butzi wrote at Syllable Division:

@same: you can find the code through the link in the description. It was posted unter "PHP (Allgemein)" in 2008.

On 30. Dec 2015 22:33 Same wrote at Syllable Division:

You have created awesome function. Can you tell me, how can i add this function to my php library or website? Thank you.

On 29. Jul 2015 13:35 stipica wrote at strtolower:

It doesn't work with utf8

On 18. Jul 2015 01:45 jacko wrote at json_encode:

i can't seem to get the syntax right in my php for cleaning a text input with jason_encode prior to inserting it into the database. Can you advise?

On 23. Jun 2015 06:29 PoLyGLoT wrote at similar_text:

similar_text is weird. I always heard it was (the num of similar characters)*200/ (length of string 1 + length of string 2). "Aluminum" "Spatula" Num letters in common = 4, which works out to be 53.3% similarity. similar_text ==> 2 letters in common, for 26.6% similarity. Why the discrepancy? I'd appreciate your input!

On 16. Apr 2015 20:51 Rince t raju wrote at date:

Why Php date() showing yesterday's date even after 12:00am???