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On 06. Apr 2015 04:30 beanie wrote:

you need to start the salt with $1$ for MDS or $2a$ for blowfish. if you dont do those (or one of the other existing types) it just uses standard which is only two alphanumeric characters details:

On 20. Mar 2015 11:54 eSkiSo wrote:

This crypt function has some problems... all of these return the same result $returnValue = crypt('MyStringStarted', 'Fixed'); $returnValue = crypt('MyStringFinished', 'Fixed'); $returnValue = crypt('MyStringStarted', 'Filtered'); $returnValue = crypt('MyStringFinished', 'Filtered'); Basicly it only "encripts" the first 5 chars of the string with the first 2 of the salt...