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On 16. Aug 2013 12:47 Kaustav Banerjee wrote:

Hey, @rajesh. you can do that using the PHP date() function. e.g. echo date("M d, Y", mktime(0, 0, 0, 16, 8, 2013)); // will print Aug 16, 2013

On 16. Jul 2013 07:35 Vincy wrote:

@any arguments thus omitted will be set to the current value according to the local date and time. How can we omit any arguments? If I call like mktime('',30,30,7,7,1984) returns Warning: mktime() expects parameter 1 to be long else I call by omitting the first argument, like mktime(30,30,7,7,1984) then the arguments are set to hour,minute,second,month,day, respectively, and for year it takes current value which is added with the value carry over from day and month argument and returns, 1544074207 After I invoke date() for this timestamp computed, it returns 06-12-2018 06:30:07 Is there any possibility of taking current value for a particular argument omitted?

On 24. Mar 2012 11:27 butzi wrote:

@santhosh: use strtotime for this.

On 19. Mar 2012 13:12 santhosh wrote:

nice .....but i need numbers to convert weekly day..

On 25. Apr 2011 23:42 butzi wrote:

@Rajesh: Please use date for this.

On 21. Apr 2011 07:17 Rajesh wrote:

Nice to work.... can i have the reverse of this function.. ie.. input- mktime value output- date- time in any format