Last comments for substr()

On 28. Dec 2017 14:32 Anna wrote:

Nice tool which clear my logic. I have also contributed in this topic, you would like it.

On 21. May 2014 13:27 butzi wrote:

@Matchendran: functions are not allowed within the textareas and input fields

On 21. May 2014 09:36 Matchendran wrote:

I tried to use some string functions in the $start and $length field, but its returning the value 0 instead of returning the correct value.Won't those fields take string functions as their input??

On 07. May 2013 13:11 Nico wrote:

Thanks for this online tool, like it :)

On 27. Jan 2012 14:21 Zorro wrote:

@djay: congrats, you found that out without reading the info on or at the top of this page :-P

On 07. Aug 2011 17:41 djay wrote:

If $start parameter is negative counting is done from right, and counting is done from 1 not from zero.